Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Brendan's Blustery Bounding Blog

Well overdue for a blog!

The toy of my dreams arrived today. A Garmin 301. It does distance, speed, pace using GPS satellites, it has a heart rate monitor with the usual target zones and a really cool training software package which allows you to analyse the workouts. In fact it has so many features that you don't need to exercise anymore. It does it all for you! The other good news is that I managed to sell my old Polar heart rate monitor on ebay today for roughly the same price as the new gadget cost me. The best of all worlds..

Here is a summary of last week.

Today Tues 8 February - 9km
Gave the time trial a miss. I'm still sick. Instead I ran home from work at an easy pace. And tooled around with the new gadget.

Yesterday Mon 7 February - Day off
Spent most of the day in bed eradicating the bug that went through the kids and Mrs blog last week. Still aching and creaking.

Sunday 6 Feb - 32km
Went out with Schepisi's group and ran with a few old buddies from Brighton down the bay, had a great old yak fest. Was fairly spent at the end as I felt the sickness coming on and didn't drink enough water. As a result I was very thirsty most of the way. I have since read Horries blog which shocked me, so I have resolved to drink more water at all times and wear a water bottle more often.

Saturday 5 Feb - 9km
Along the bay. Disgusting, smelly, debris everywhere, polluted aftermath of the storms. Not much fun. Where has Middle Park beach gone. It's been washed away!

Friday 4 Feb - 10km
My running partner stands me up! So did a sprightly 10km in and around the Port Melbourne area.

Thursday 5 Feb - 10km
MAJOR STORMS LAST NIGHT. The most rain in 150yrs. The Yarra river has burst it's banks, trees down everywhere, roads cut. Did two laps of the Tan, around the botanical gardens which felt like a steeple chase not a early morning jog.

Wednesday 6 Feb - 10km
Ran to work. In the rain. The most wet I have ever been. This is the mother of all storms. Not many others out training??? Wimps.

Tuesday 5 Feb - 8km Time Trial
Actually 7.75km time trial. (2 laps of the Tan). PB of 39min 44sec. Very Very happy with the improvement. five weeks ago it was 44min 20sec..


At 12 February 2005 at 8:54 am, Blogger Eddie said...

Hi Brendan,
I see you are doing the Ultra in Canberra with Plu, Lucky Legs and me. I guess for you it will be part of your training for Comrades, though a bit flat maybe.
This will be my first ultra. I'm just doing it becasue it's there to be done and a good opportunity to give it a go. I'm looking forward to it.
All the best in your training.
Rob Richards a.k.a. Eddie


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