Monday, 24 January 2005

A Blogless Week

I can't believe it's been a blogless week. Is my interest waning? Week total was 60km with three day's off!!! Spent most of the week up in Sydney for work and time for training (and blogs) was extremely short. I'll work backwards from yesterday:

Sunday 24/1 - Balmain Bungle STaR
Stayed on in Sydney and ran with the Sydney Striders for the Sunday Training Run (STaR). (well, as a financial member I am part of the small elite group "Sydney Striders - Melbourne Chapter"). I arrived a little late from Avalon, where I was staying. I left with the 6:05am group which is well within my abilities and decided to try for the whole 30km at whatever pace they wanted to run. The first few km was hilly, we don't have hills in Melbourne. There was a rather steep hill which I felt a knife go into my right calf so decided to power walk the rest. I ran along with a small group and the pain didn't seem to get worse so continued on.

As we got to Victoria Road the 6:10 group, which I used to run with when I lived in Sydney, came through at a fair clip, according to Dave they were running slow, eeek! I do have a lot to do..

I decided to try for the distance and latched onto a group of four who were running at a strong steady pace. To be joined by the familiar shuffles of Charles soon after. The rain by this stage was absolutely bucketing down like cats and dogs. The gutters were a torrent and everyone was soaked to the bone. The pace was in the order of 5:40km/min.

Running at a manageable pace with Charles and the discussion on how to spend the Striders healthy bank balance was all I needed to take my mind off the weather. Unfortunately my suggestions were rejected in the nicest possible way. Suggestion 1 was a clubhouse with free beer for members and free accommodation for interstate members. At about the 25km mark I suggested that all financial members should get a free Garmin Forerunner 301 for the upcoming Striders 25th birthday celebrations.

I finished the run with a sore and inflexible right calf but feeling very happy to have completed the 30km course. I took a couple of Voltarin tablets which made all the difference and took the pain away. Stop Press: Monday, Back in Melbourne and calf is sore but ok, easy running this week.

Saturday 22/1
Zero kilometers because Toby tried to poison me with Gewurtztraminer last night, a type of sweet weed killer.

Friday 21/1
12km nice and easy from the Hotel in Sydney City down and around Centennial Park. Felt strong but held back.

Thursday 20/1
No running too busy at work. Ugh!

Wednesday 19/1
8km in the Blue Mountains. Beautiful clean air of Wentworth Falls. Only problem was the Hills.

Tuesday 18/1
10km in Centennial Park after work. Felt flat, no energy. Obviously not recovered from the hard 15km on Sunday.


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