Monday, 17 January 2005

Olinda Long Run Killer

Sunday January 16 15km Hard

This week's long run was only 15km but very hard fire trail stuff. I was supposed to do 21km this week but I excused myself from the balance because the 15km was very hard. I guess I realised how unfit I am, and how much work I need to do. Decided to run with Schepisi's group and ran the trails in Olinda which is up in Mount Dandenong just out of Melbourne. Strapped on the heart rate monitor. I knew I was in trouble when the HRM was reading 160bpm about 30mins into the run. The last hill was an absolute killer and about 5km long where the HR was in the 170bpm range. The difficulty matches some of the challenges that the six foot track offers esp considering my present state of fitness. Or lack.

Monday January 17 Day Off

Sore legs, not surprising really. Did a stretching session this morning and entered the Canberra Marathon (actually the Ultramarathon 50km option) to be held in Canberra on Sunday April 10 2005. Staying at the Rydges Capital Hill. Picking up my number will be a bit of a pain because I don't arrive until 8pm on the Saturday. I'll worry about that later. Just happy to have a meduim term goal.


At 19 January 2005 at 6:05 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

Way to go - Canberra will be awesome!!!

Hope the training all goes well.


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