Tuesday, 4 January 2005

2005 is Comrades year

Hi All,

Welcome to my blog. I'm doing it to train for the 2005 Comrades Marathon in Sth Africa. www.comrades.com Just recovering from a small injury to my left Medial Collateral Ligament which still aches a bit if I sit down for too long.

After a fairly indulgent Christmas & New Year I decided to follow the training plan on the Comrades website. Which had me doing an easy 8km on New Years day.

Diary Entry: Jan 1, 2005 (8km, month cumulative 8km)

I decided to run out along the foreshore here in Melbourne for 4km out and back. There had been much partying and the stench of stale beer near the various marquees was probably the last thing I needed because I had consumed my share of NY cheer the night before.

Jan 2, 2005 (16km, month cumulative 24km)

Trusty Comrades training plan says do a long run.

Decided not to over do it given that the L knee has been a bit ill of late and stayed on flat ground. Total coverage was in the vicinity of 16km (10 miles) and feeling pretty chuffed. Wore the heart rate monitor so I could focus on keeping the HR above 70% (144 beats per min). I also took a strap on water bottle to get used to carrying water. I ate one gel at 40min.

The Deaf Olympics are in town
http://www.deaflympics.com/ and there was plenty of activity down on the beach at St Kilda with the USA and German beach volley ball teams training and popping that volley ball around. The wind was blowing hard and the teams were having a few probs keeping the ball in court.

January 3, 2005 Rest Day...
I rode the bike for 1hr in the interests of weight loss..


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