Thursday, 6 January 2005

Shooting for 271km this month

Wednesday, 6 January (10km)

Decided to run to work. So I printed the map from whereis which tels me that it is 9.11km from home to work. In order to do the required 10km I did a few laps of an oval (where the Melbourne Storm Rugby League team train) along the way. The run takes me from home through St Kilda past all the junkies who are quite amused to see runners, one even ran beside me for 70 metres to prove he could keep up. I just give them a friendly wave and trudged on.

Towards the end of last year I splurged out and bought two new pairs of shoes. A pair of Brooks Addiction 5 and a pair of Asics Gel Kayano X. Both extremely good shoes for different reasons. I'll do most of my training in the Brooks because they are very stable, well supported shoes with a fairly large footprint, one down side is they feel a bit like flippers. The Asics feel faster, are very comfortable and actually feel a bit more cushioned. The Asics were very cheap because I bought them off ebay for US$75 plus $20 delivery.

Thursday, 7 January (8km)

Woke up late, couldn't seem to get going and rolled over when the alarm went off. Went out after work and ran down to Brighton at a slow, relaxed pace, the wind was quite strong and blowing off the bay so I had to work a bit on the way out but I flew home. Ran in the Asics which are wearing in nicely and strapped on the Heart rate monitor. The HR stayed around 70% to 75% which is an easy run. When I returned I typed up my training schedule for the month. Looks like I am shooting for 271km this month which will be quite big for me. I'll need to do some intensive work but getting the miles in the legs is the major goal for the month.


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