Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Good Grief Charlie Brown

The huge announcement to the family that I want to do the Comrades Marathon was a bit of a fizzer. So I built it up, we're in the restaraunt, in Sorrento, I've already informed my brother in law and, and the announcement is made with a glass of fizz raised. Reaction? well nothing. Excitement, no. Approval was at best apathetic. More like "good grief Charlie Brown" or OK if you must, just don't hurt yourself! So I guess that means I'm off to South Africa. Yippeeee! Flight is booked to Joburg, need to figure out what the flight to Durban will cost. SAA tells me it's 500 Rand. ?? I think that's about A$150?. Who cares about the details. Back to the diary.

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Tuesday January 11 - 8km Time Trial
Today I did a 8km time trial in 40min 28sec which was almost 4 minutes faster than last week and felt better doing it. Well as times go it wasn't particularly fast it was pleasing to knock out a faster one. Funny the quads were still sore from Sunday. Just pacing meant that my time was almost even for both halves rather than going out too quick. Hot today here in Melbourne 37 degrees Celsius not very conducive to enjoyable running.

Monday January 10 - Day Off
I was so happy to have got through yesterday's session in one piece but I've been paranoid about my injured (but recovering) left knee and the old injury in the reconstructed right ankle. So I went to see a physio at Olympic park. Apparently both injuries are in good shape and not being too damaged by the training. He gave me a program that will improve strength and flexibility and told me to stay away from interval work and racing. Phew!!

Sunday January 9 - 25km Long Run (Week total 65km)
The long run this week was 25km down around the mornington peninsular. Started at Blairgowrie and ran to Portsea via the bay and then back up the back beach road where I stumbled upon the famous Portsea oval where Percy Cerruty once trained John Landy and Herb Elliot, after a victory lap then off to the portsea ocean beach and down the old melbourne road to Rye then home. I kept it slow at around 6min/km pace and focused on getting through in one piece. Ended taking water and drinking two bottles and ate three GU energy gels. Really happy to complete this.

Saturday January 8 - 6km
An easy 6km out and back. Ran a bit quick on the way back. Must focus on getting miles into the legs before trying any running at intensity..


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