Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Running in the rain!

There are three schedules on the Comrades website. The hardest is for people training to complete the 89km marathon in under 9 hours, the second is for those who think they can do it in less than 11hrs and the third schedule is for those who aim to complete the run in under 12hrs.

According to the programs, if you can run the Tuesday 8km time trial in less than 37mins then you are on the sub 9hr program. This morning I did the 8km time trial in 44 mins, which is a bit slow. But that puts me on the sub 11hr-training program.

I am happy to be on the 11hr program because I’m also nursing a recovering left knee. The lower intensity and distance will help the knee fully recover. I guess I can jump onto the quicker program later if I want to.

For those of you in Melbourne you would have trained in the thunder and squall this morning, not very pleasant. The venue for the 8km time trial was “The Tan” a hard sand and gravel track of 4km around the Botanical Gardens. As a result I have a bag with filthy and wet running gear. Mind you the satisfaction of completing required training in terrible weather makes it worthwhile.

I have three relatively easy days coming up followed by a 25km run on Sunday. Also, today I need to select my target races. Apparrently I need to select three ultra marathons and two standards as preparation for this 89km Marathon. Eeek!

PS. the weight is moving in the right direction (finally)....


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