Sunday, 4 March 2007


Sorry for the long silence. Last week was a bit of a disaster. Arrived back from the USA on Monday and had picked up a cold. Went and did a lazy 22km on Monday night, took it easy at training on Tuesday. Hit the wall badly in a 13.5km session on Wednesday with Spud and Sub50. Was feeling very coldy and was pumped up with cold tablets and was feeling like shit so I took a few days off. As a result I did nothing on Thurs. Rode the bike 44km on Friday and rested on Saturday and took the kids along to see the Mardi Gras floats last night (Sat) which involved about an hour of walking.

Given that Horrie and I are the Grim Reapers at next week's Six Foot Track Marathon and I've just had some time off whle travelling, I've decided that there is no need to taper at all for next weekend. Woke up this morning Sunday 4 March, feeling a bit sore and achy with pressure behing my eyes but decided to go along to the Sydney Striders Balmain Bungle 30km STaR. At 6am it was 24 degrees and it felt like 95% humidity. Was only thinking of doing 20km but ended up doing the full 30km. Ran with the 6:10am group who were clicking off 4:30min/km to 5min/km pace and hung onto them for 22km before being spat out. Ran steady for the last 8km with Lachlan and actually felt a bit better for the first time in a few days. I'm quite happy with that for a hitout.

The usual suspects were there but I was so shattered at the end that I decided to slink off without really talking to anyone.

I've done lots of good work so I just need to rest up, get some more sleep and I'll be fine. We all go through little rough patches every now and then.

Planning to do the return trip from Jenolan Caves back to Katoomba next Saturday, I need a solid 12 - 15 hours on the legs. Plan is health dependant of course, I'll see how I feel.. Cheers, Brendan


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