Wednesday, 17 January 2007

24 kays of humidity

After attending a dinner in Newcastle last night and not getting home till after 1am. I managed to set off early and meet spud and ishowells for some early morning running. The first 10kays was relaxed and controlled the second 10 fast. The last four was a bit of a struggle. Terrain covered was a mix of trail in the Lane Cove national park and road on the striders 10km course. Managed to keep up which was a bit surprising as both the others are quicker than me. According to Scott we did the 24 in 2:17

Got back to work absolutely drenched with perspiration, freaked a few people out because I hadn't worn nipple protection and there was a bit of bleeding going on.

All sights set on Cradle now. Leave has been approved and flights are booked. Pack has been prepared and is as light as.. Just need to figure out my carrying food.


At 17 January 2007 at 8:48 pm, Anonymous Whippet Man said...

That's a good sign that Kosci is being run out of your legs. Look out Cradle. ;)


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