Sunday, 14 January 2007

Striders Pymble STaR

Sunday 14/1/07 I had a nice 29.1km hilly run with the Sydney Striders this morning, perfect cool conditions and a very sheltered course. The 6am group left the carpark with about 60 runners, many of them faster than me. But thought I'd hang about and go with the 6:10am group but there were only about eight of us. Thought I had made a mistake as the 6:10am group were going a bit quick, it was quite hilly then someone said we were doing 4:45m/km (ie. too fast for me on a hilly course).

I hung on until about 8km to go as the 6:20am group came through with fire in their eyes, Superflake was hanging in and making it look bloody easy, then I blew up. Ran the last 8km with Bandanna and Sportsman.

Quite a short hard hitout, noice! Thanks for the lift Paul.


At 14 January 2007 at 11:35 am, Blogger Superflake said...

I had to run with the Six Foot headbangers Johno worswick, Barney and Joel Mackay. Now that was hard work. 4:57ks I clocked for those hills. Thats usually my very much flatter STaR pace. No problem with lift mate.


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