Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Weight 90.2kg, BMI 24.7

Hi all, Well I'm back from my 2 week work trip.

Saturday was wonderful. After my last post I slept and awoke in my hotel around 10am. Which was just great to sleep for so long (7hrs). I had a number of things to do so my concierge mapped all the destinations onto a portable NYC map and off I went. He thought that I was crazy but said that running was probably the fastest way to get all my chores done. My run included a lap of central park which is very beautiful at the moment, the lake at the bottom (51st?) is still frozen and there is still a fair bit of snow around. It was a lovely sunny, crisp 20 degrees F at the warmest part of the day, I guess that means it was -10 degrees C (?) I wore two thin pairs of sox, skins, two tops (short and long sleeve running) and a light shell with a std running cap and light gloves. This turned out t be perfect. While the ears and nose were a little sore the rest of me was very comfy.

My flight from JFK to Sydney was fine. I managed to use some points on an upgrade just to see what 1st class is like and was not that impressed. 1st class was full of large people who think that they are important. And the crew thought it was nice to have someone talk to them as if they were humans, not slaves. The extra space did help me sleep though. But really not needed. Last time I do that.

Arrived home at 11am and unpacked. And ran into town for a massage then ran home in the rain. Not a bad lazy 22km for a post lagged run. Up at 4am and feeling great. Cheers Brendan


At 27 February 2007 at 6:35 pm, Blogger mpluss said...

Hi Brendan,

Welcome back. That BMI is pretty good. What weight do you want to get to?

See you at Six Foot at the beginning and the end but not during :-)

cheers Plu


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