Tuesday, 16 January 2007

10 Mile Tuesday

I've been thinking rhymes lately. yesterday I realised that the great tradition of Aussie poets was dead. So I spent the today sitting in meetings and thought of poems. Here's the first verses of a little ditty I came up with day dreaming on a conference call this morning.

it's not the time to think of rhymes coz Cradle Mountain's looming, I'll be on the track with gear and pack a running and a hooning.

If I chance upon a tiger I'll be sure to keep his secret, the little blighter's not extinct just starring on a leaflet.

84 kays is a mighty long way but for me it's just a warmup. i'll be sure to pack some power bars in case my gu gets thrown up.

UCB you watch me mate I'll be itching for a thrashing, I'll go out hard then crash and burn in typical ultra fashion

get the idea..

Monday was an easy day so I ran for 30 min on the coastal track from Clovelly to Tamarama via Bronte beach. Absolutely stunning day. Sydney at it's best.

Tuesday was a 6km time trial in Centennial Park where I managed 24:24. Not bloody good enough. I ran there from home and continued on to the city. Felt good dispite the slow time.
cheers from the cell phone.. Brendan


At 16 January 2007 at 7:47 pm, Blogger Horrie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Brendan. That was a good effort this morning mate. Consistency is the key. Shake and bake baby!

At 16 January 2007 at 8:19 pm, Blogger 2P said...

10 miles a day keeps the doctor away :-)

Nice work Brendan.


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