Saturday, 13 January 2007

SHAKE & BAKE baby!

Well I've got to hand it to Mellum, they had a great year. And I've got to hand it to GBH too, we had a great year as well. Within GBH we've got Blue Dog who is on another planet, fantastic year mate. Then there is Horrie and me. We at least there used to be until Horrie started getting podium finishes in major races. Don't take this the wrong way, I am so thrilled that all the hard work that Horrie and Blue Dog have put in is paying off. Now that my training is consistent I'm starting to come up as well. Things are looking up and we've laid the foundations and for an even better 2007.

I was just watching Talladega Nights and the two main characters remind me of Horrie and me. For those who haven't seen it it is a movie about running. Don't believe me? Watch it and you'll realise that when it comes down to the wire it's the running that Ricky Bobby does that pays off. SHAKE & BAKE is the little saying that Ricky and Cal keep reciting all the way through the movie. Get it out, and get it on or go & see it. It's got the lot. Male bonding, car races, fast food, and love of the great nation of the US of A.


Last week was a biggie. On Saturday I ran in the Portsea Twilight and posted a very satisfying 31:30 for the 6.7km, I proceeded to mark the two bays course for the following day and raced in my own 56km race. I felt ok going out but felt flat coming back. I could claim that C2K was still in the legs or that I had pushed too hard in the short run the night before. But in reality I feel that my 6:55 for the 56km was a fair reflection of my fitness. Not too bad but not great. I was really happy to get a great field of 16 along to the run, with a number of great runners and others I just like being around. Pity I couldn't hang around because I needed to get to the airport.

On Monday I had 12km on the schedule and decided to run into town from home, I tried to run it but only manged 10km with a number of walk breaks. My legs were sore and I was tired. Tuesday was hill work with SWEAT and I got through the whole session (big tick). Wednesday was 45min but I was feeling ok so ended up running for 150min (including somehow losing Spud after i took a wrong turn). Thurs was fartlek but I miised the SWEAT session due to an early meeting and ran from work at Lane Cove into the city and surged on the hills.

Yesterday (friday) I was so weak, I decided to do a 1hr (22km) bike ride instead of running the 20min on the schedule. Finally, I'm just back from an hour of running where I decided to add in 5 x 400m efforts in bare feet down at McKay oval.

Tomorrow. 2hr 30min on the schedule. I'll either run with the striders or the tatts.

Until next time... SHAKE & BAKE baby!


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