Tuesday, 4 April 2006

On the way now - MdS here we come..


Hi All, I'm stopped over in Hong Kong and managed to sneak into the Qantas 1st class lounge with a bunch of Grand Prix tragics. Sitting here pretending to be the sophisticated traveller, stuffing my face with little tubs of Haagen Dazs and smoked salmon.

The journey has begun.

I managed to get my MdS onto the flight and have been checking it regularly. My next hurdle is to get it through HM customs in Heathrow. The contents will surely raise an eyebrow with the authorities, lots of bags of powder and pills, maltodextrin and salt tabs mainly.

Had a couple of attempts at posting my gear list but just couldn't get the technology together.

Only have a small list of things to get now..

Disposable camera; the only ones I can fing have a flash unit which adds weight, I want one without a flash.

Tea Bags; I hear the bottled water tastes awful, so tea bags will make the water more appealing.

Earplugs: OK I've got a set already, but I wanted a set with a string att. so that they are easy to find in the dark.

Airmail paper - to keep a journal. Weighs less than normal paper.

A small padlock to deter the hotel staff from raiding my back up bag which is left at the hotel.

Might go and freshen up and head back to gate 24 for the next leg of the adventure aboard QF29..


PS. 2P sorry to mislead you the other day. I was waiting for a flight from Syd to Melb on Friday night, not the big flight..


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