Friday, 31 March 2006

MdS Gear Discussion

Hi Team, I've got a bit of down time at Sydney airport so I thought I'd start the gear discussion.

Lots of thought and effort has gone into the process of selecting the gear. I will post a full list when I get back to my own computer but fot the time being I thought I'd give you a feel for the process of choosing gear.

Sleeping Bag
There are heaps of good sleeping bags out there at the moment. One thing that most of the race reports have in common is the lack of sleep due to coldness. It gets down to zero degrees out there.

I put together a spreadsheet that allowed me to sift the sleeping bags into the order that I preferred. I'm tall so I needed a long bag, I also wanted a light bag and I needed a warm bag. The best website I found for selection of sleeping bags was The bag I chose was the heaviest that they sell (600gm) but it has a comfort factor of negative 10 degrees.

There's my flight being called...

The bag I bought is the Kimmlite mummery2. It's fantastic. And crushes down to a small loaf of bread...


At 1 April 2006 at 9:22 am, Blogger 2P said...

Mummies are good for space saving and warmth.

Excitiing getting on the plane - no turning back now ;-)


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