Thursday, 22 December 2005

Glasshouse Race Plan Sept 5, 2005


Glasshouse 100 Mile Run

Brendan's Race Plan

I will decide before I start what will stop me. If these things don’t happen I will keep going

I am running, not racing, my main goal is to finish before the 30-hour cut-off, which will occur at 11:30am on Sunday. My time goal if I get the chance is 28 hours. The time goal is not etched in stone. Something may go wrong out there, some adjustments will need to be made. I’ll just make those adjustments and keep going.

I’ll post a plan and run to it. I’ll stay within the relative comfort zone of the plan. When some one passes me I won’t feel bad and I won’t celebrate when I pass someone. I will keep the main goal in mind and keep the big picture in view at all times. I will start slowly and I will keep pressing on. If I feel good I will pick it up a bit maybe it will be one of those days where I will keep on picking it up.

I’ll have faith in walking. I’ll walk when I need to, or when I want to, I will walk with purpose like my trailwalker team taught me how to two weeks ago. No trudging, no survival shuffle, just a good positive mindset and strong walking with purpose.

I won’t have a crew but if someone helps me I’ll try to warn them that sometimes, when tired, I can turn from nice person to not so nice person. They must not let me lurk at checkpoints, kick me back out onto the course. Sympathy is fine but concessions are not.

Problems. Is this a problem? Or is it just an inconvenience? Decide which. Find a solution for the problem. Block it out; it’s just an inconvenience.

Food. Stick with the food I bought with me. Choose only bland generic food from the aid stations. If things are not perfect don’t be inflexible. Be flexible and get on with it.

Equipment. If an equipment change comes into my head I will ask. Is this a need ar a want. If it is a need sort it out at the next drop-bag point. If it is a want and it can't be easily fixed then drop the thought. Keep going.

Illness: Spewing may happen. It has never happened before. It is not fatal. It is just an inconvenience. I’ll need more water to make sure I don’t dehydrate. Drink more at the next checkpoint. Stay in the aid station and drink and eat. Now I am low on fuel and water. Fluids will restore fast but food may take a while. Eat more. Don’t vomit on another person, especially a volunteer.

Keep moving all the time. Don’t stop at a checkpoint for more than 5 minutes until darkness. Don’t sit down unless I really must. Each time I sit down I lose 10 minutes. Don’t sit down until after 100km into the race.

Be encouraging to others. Smiles, jokes and laughter will help everyone including me. Have fun with the aid station volunteers. Say thankyou. They are there to help me all day and all night, be good to them. They will give me energy and inspiration.

Don’t externalise the negatives. Negativity spreads. Keep a positive mind. Keep those negative thoughts to myself.

Just believe in myself, all of that training and all of those the races this year:

Maroondah Dam 52km, Six foot track 46km, Canberra Ultra 50km, Brisbane Marathon, Williamstown Marathon, Walhalla 65km, Comrades 89km, Gold Coast 100km, Trailwalker 100km.
Glasshouse I m ready for you and I am up for the challenge.

I can make it. Bring it on


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