Thursday, 29 March 2007

A 1km personal best OUCH

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already..

Well I am going to do the 55km Frankston to Portsea run this Saturday, my flights are all organized and I'm ready to start hydrating. Something tells me this one is going to hurt! It’s a bugger of a race all hard surface and usually windy like the Melbourne Marathon. There are a few largish hills in the first 12km then a few more towards the end. I will probably go out too fast then blow up and stagger in. Looking forward to staying in the beach shack all the same.

Well I’ve had a pretty slack week I had an easy day on Monday and Wednesday with only 40min of running on each day.

On Tuesday And Thursday I went along to my training group and took it easy. Today was an interesting day. I had to do 5 x 1km intervals. The coach told me to take it easy and ramp it up by 10 sec for each interval.

4:40 easy
4:10 harder
4:10 suffered a bit
3:37 a 1km pb!!! OUCH

So there you have it. Three pbs in a week (or close to it) I’m sure all this interval running isn’t good for me but it is fun. Weight is going down still.

Next stop Frankston. Cheers, Brendan


At 30 March 2007 at 6:44 am, Blogger Tesso said...

3:37!!! Holy crap, that's fast!

Enjoy F2P.

At 31 March 2007 at 9:37 am, Blogger Horrie said...

After you pulled that 3:37 out of your backside, it just proved you should have been doing all of them in sub 4 you bludger. ;-)

On a more serious note, you are in great shape and should run well in the Frankston to Portsea and meet your target.


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