Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sporadic blogging – an update

The expat belly seems to be disappearing, slowly. Training coming together. Objectives unclear.

I had wanted to have a shot at the Bob Graham Round this year but the reconnaissance aspect of the run are impossible unless you can visit Keswick on a regular basis. So it looks like all my efforts will be on two goals this year.

1. Spartathlon – A race of Greek legend proportions in September. It is the route taken by the Athenian messenger who arrived in Sparta the day after he departed from Athens. It is considered to be the route to that Pheidippides followed. The race has a difficult cut off, 246 kilometres in 36hours. The cut off pace is equivalent to 24 hours for 100 miles pace but for 150 miles. The race takes place each September. I have attempted the 150 mile distance only twice, and managed to finish both times, my best time is 40 hours. To achieve the cut off time I need to do a four-hour personal best. (ie. no more ice cream)

2. Trailwalker Hong Kong in November – This team of four event is 100 km long, held in hot and humid conditions, claims to have more than 9,000 metres of elevation incline and decline. (it’s a point to point event that starts and finishes at sea level). Having completed four of these types of events in the past, it was satisfying to complete last year’s event for the first time with a full team of four (1000 teams started). Our slow time didn’t matter, to our surprise we finished in the top 20% of full teams that get through. (most of the faster teams burn someone in the process of attaining a faster time). I’m motivated to finish this one again but faster.

My Training has been consistent (except for last week after I hurt my back chasing a ball thieving dog on the beach here in Hong Kong, the dog didn’t have the staying power).

I have recently finished three events. A hilly 42km marathon, A 50km hilly trail race and a hilly 65km time trial. All in warm and wet conditions here in Hong Kong.

In two weeks I will run the Great Wall Marathon in Beijing. Not sure what to do after that but will need to step up the distance. For Spartathlon specific training I’ll need to find a 24hr track race somehere.. mmm, rubs chin.

Other news. I am spending three days per week in Beijing and have finally moved out of the hotel into my own rented apartment. I joined the Ozone Gym to work on my core strength and having core training once per week from an ex member of the Chinese gymnastics team. His name is Li and he really make core training interesting.

Suppose I better stop procrastinating and head out for my Sunday four hours of pain on the dirt trails here in Hong Kong. Promise to update again soon.


At 3 May 2009 at 3:57 pm, Blogger Spud said...

Nice one Brendan, hope you get back in ship shape before long. I'll be checking out the BGR in August whilst on hols in Europe if you are interested.


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