Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Week 1 - The blog strikes back

Week 1 – ending Saturday 20 Sept.

The blog begins again.

I shut down the blog because I received a complaint, but I have decided that it motivates me and it’s time to use it again.

What am I training for? Well the immediate response is Hong Kong Oxfam Trailwalker on the 7th November. But I only see that as re-entry point into the world of endurance. Since I started living and working in North East Asia one year ago I have had significantly less free time. The first thing to go was my fitness regimen. Then 33 trips to Seoul and 28 trips to Beijing and other places in China add in the odd trip back to Sydney, Taiwan, Europe and the US and you have an unfit specimen.

My training has been consistently steady over the past two months. I went to Keswick in England to walk/run some fells, I was in Arizona and managed to walk into the Grand Canyon all the way to the Colorado river and back in one afternoon (and rescued some poor fellow that was stuck out there, no lights, no map, no water and 125 degrees, had to carry his pack up to the rim) and I’ve been fairly consistent in my training here in HK.

So the blog begins again. What am I training for?

Badwater? (210km) If the race director lets me in again I’d jump at the chance, no excuses this time
Bob Graham Round? – If I fail at getting into Badwater I may put all my efforts into a BGR attempt
C2K? – (240km) on in a few months at the beginning of December. I probably don’t have time to prepare, but have done it twice so a third finish would be cool. And I get to use my lifetime race number 6
Spartathlon (240km) – Next September is too far away

We’ll see. But at the moment I’m getting miles under the belt.

Still very hot here in Hong Kong.
Sunday – 4.5hrs – On the HK trail – rolling hills
Monday – 3.5hrs – On the Wilson Trail – Big Hills
Tuesday – 1hr – 3 x v steep ascents
Wednesday – nothing (Seoul)
Thursday – 30min easy (Seoul)
Friday – nothing (Seoul)
Saturday – nothing (still in Seoul)
Sunday – 7.5hrs on the MacLehouse trail. Full report next week, very hot carried 9 litres of water from the start


At 23 September 2008 at 5:31 pm, Blogger plu said...

Hi Brendan,

Good to hear from you again.

If you are in Sydney and would like to catch up just ring 044RUNNING.

cheers Martin


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